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A group of fourteen Young Living Distributors in Jyvaskyla, Finland recently undertook our two-day Raindrop & Vitaflex Training.


Team Leader and Co-ordinator Emilia Savolainen contacted us after the training......

"Oh Susan, Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!  My team has been SOOOOO excited and thrilled after the course!! They said that Susan is the best teacher!!!! She has a positive energy what everybody can feel! She is just an amazing, people friendly and good time. So that's you!!!I am really really happy that I have got to meet you and you have been able to help our distributors in Finland to receive more education and knowledge about oils. Thank you again"

Also listed below are other distributor comments following our Finland Training:

"Susan, you are amazing and wonderful person, thankyou for all the information!  I enjoy very much.  I know I can do good Raindrop massage now!"  Elisa

"The course was very very interesting and I enjoyed every moment.  Teaching was very good and Susan, you were so rousing and I feel like I have had so much good positive energy from you.  I learned so much, thankyou!"  Julianna

"The course was amazing!  Susan Neary was an excellent teacher and very motivating and inspiring!!  Thankyou so much!  I really enjoyed all the practical work we did and I have to say I learnt alot and feel I understand everything much better.  Even the theory (which I normally find boring) was interesting!!  Thankyou very much, I enjoyed it.!  Leena